What are Examples of Environmentally-Friendly Technology? | SHE-ensya Lecture Series (Environment)

Hello Science Fans!

Does technology and development only destroy the planet? Are there technologies designed to help the environment?

In this video, we talk about some of latest “GreenTech”, technologies that are created to help solve some of our environmental problems. Here we discuss processes that can allow us to eat delicious burgers but with a smaller carbon footprint! We also take a look at technologies that can speed up cleaning air. And to inspire us further, we look at Philippine-based technologies that could allow us to enjoy the benefits of air-conditioning, without driving us to debt (and also helps the environment in the process).

If you want to learn about innovations that want to help in saving the planet, then please watch this video!

Also, links on featured technologies:

Beyond meat – https://www.beyondmeat.com/

Impossible foods – https://impossiblefoods.com/

Cultured meat – https://culturedbeef.org/cultured-meat

Carbon Engineering – https://carbonengineering.com/our-technology/

Newlight Technologies – https://www.newlight.com/

Opus12 – https://www.opus-12.com/

SkyCool Systems – http://skycoolsystems.com/

AirDisc Technology – https://www.jamesdysonaward.org/2019/project/airdisc-cooling-technologies-cooling-system/

Thank you so much for dropping by!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, your resident Filipina scientist, in the comments section below.

And remember, when in doubt, always use your (con)science!


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