What is SHE-ensya? Who is Your Resident Filipina Scientist? What is this Channel All About?

Hello Science Fans!

We’re almost ready with new content for you, here at SHE-ensya. But what is SHE-ensya? Who is your resident Filipina scientist? What is the SHE-ensya channel all about?

SHE-ensya started last March 2020, as a creative project on how some science lessons can be simplified and shown to a wider audience. It has since evolved to become a science advocacy and science communication channel were your resident Filipina scientist talks about science topics ranging from molecules to space travel.

As for your resident Filipina scientist, I am Chona Camille VinceCruz-Abeledo. I’m a teacher, a scientist, a geek, and cat mom from the Philippines. I study processes within the cell and out in the environment to help create practical technologies for fishers and farmers. I’m also a fan of computer games, movies, and books within the science fiction and fantasy genres.

SHE-ensya is a channel that’s all about sharing my love for the sciences, and talking about things that science affects (so pretty much everything)! We also want to highlight and empower the contributions of women in the field of science and promote gender equality in STEM!

Please like our videos, subscribe to our channel, and share our fascination and love for science! 

Thank you so much for dropping by!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, your resident Filipina scientist, in the comments section below.

And remember, when in doubt, always use your (con)science!

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