I’m Chona Camille [Vince Cruz]* Abeledo, a Filipina scientist and educator. I love science so much, and I’m hoping more of us would love it too.

This site is dedicated to sharing [fun] info about research in the Philippines [and all over the world]. I will also use it as a platform to encourage critical thinking about current events that affect and are affected by science [so pretty much everything!]. I also hope to discuss art, literature and popular media within the sci-fan genre.

Also, I’m now the project leader (woot woot!) of a new DOST-PCAARRD project that seeks to deploy technologies for the improvement and sustainability of the mangrove crab industry in the Philippines. Please visit the website of one of our technologies: CRABIFIER. It’s awesome to be working on a project that helps local communities, specially since fishing and coastal communities are some of the poorest sectors in Philippine society. We get to see technologies with a conscience, as it promotes sustainability and general welfare.

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Yep, consider this my invitation to geek out!

Follow your (con)science.

* Note: My maiden surname is Vince Cruz. For some reason, people think it’s just Cruz. The surname hails from the province of Pangasinan, in a town called Mangatarem. I would love to make sure people get it right to honor the proud history of my father and his family. ^_^