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  • Humanity in practical research

    Personal note: I’m a day late! I’m super frustrated with myself, mostly because I swore to be more disciplined when it comes to posting to this blog. The commitment came with an insurance of actually starting to tell people about it so that there’s an additional layer of accountability. It’s month 3 of 2020 and […]

  • A (Satur)day in the life of a scientist

    It’s the weekend! And as weekends go, I finally found one that is relatively restful. Mind you, there are certain “assignments” I’ve chose to ignore — but if you’re familiar with the concept of saturation points, that was where I was earlier. After recharging my brain and waiting for the sun to give my office […]

  • #FPQ: In the 21st century, what does it mean to be “well educated”?

    Globally, we are encountering demands for free tertiary education, rallies are ongoing for higher educator salaries and better benefits, and calls for reconsideration of student loans are becoming louder. Education is becoming more and more expensive in a world where economies are making it harder and harder to put food on the table. Concerns on […]

  • Drawing science

    I’m a committed scientist AND a frustrated artist. As a child, I would spend hours trying to draw my favorite anime characters. One summer, the walls of the attic of my childhood home was fully covered in illustrations of Sailor Moon, Yuyu Hakusho and BTX. Though I cannot salvage any of those drawings now, I […]

  • Tawa-tawa herb to help battle against dengue; DLS-SHS students join the fight

    In the midst of a national dengue epidemic with more than 146,000 cases and 622 deaths (DOH, August 2019), hope blooms with the announcement from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) that a new herbal supplement extracted from the plant Euphorbia hita locally called “tawa-tawa” has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration […]

  • Why (did I) science?

    It’s been quite a while since I posted (more than a year!). And what a year it’s been. I will now try and revive this blog and what better way to do it than sharing my reasons for why I science. Below is a video of a plenary talk I made for the 2019 DLSU […]

  • DLSU Research Congress 2018 emphasizes the need for firm foundations

    In this year’s annual celebration of research hosted by the De La Salle University, firm foundations on research design and methodology are emphasized as the key to creating high impact research. The keynote speaker is Dr. Lourdes J. Cruz who delivered a rousing message about the culture of research in the academe that made participants […]

  • Para kay Fred

    For Fred. I have always felt lucky – to have been called to teach. What better vocation is there? I get to talk about topics that I find fascinating, design materials that challenge the minds of eager minds, spend days off during weekends and freely enjoy holidays, as well. The best blessings come in the […]

  • Farmers’ and Fisherfolks’ Month: Celebrating the backbone of our nation

    As some schools transition into vacation while others transition to the start of the school year, it is also good to note that, since 2016, May has been designated as the National Farmers’ and Fisherfolks’ Month. For the month, national agencies such as the Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) dedicate their […]

  • Thanos at the 11th hour

    While I contemplate the answer to the great question (Why is Gamora?), I know that it will be awhile before the fuss over Marvel’s latest blockbuster “Avengers Infinity War” will die down. The fine-tuned concoction of explosions, chiseled physiques and compelling (but easily-digested) plot has resulted to over $1.607 billion in box office sales since […]