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  • The scientific method: a weapon against fake news

    Controversial topics often open up the possibility for alternative facts – or fake news. The purveyors of fake news are often relentless, occasionally charming, and can be very convincing. Beyond doing further research on a topic, one safety net that we can fall on as we peruse the wondrous world of the world wide web […]

  • Writing a review of related literature

    Most students – MOST PEOPLE – freak out at the thought of writing the review of related literature. It could be confusing and tedious, although it is a very essential aspect of writing a research proposal. What I personally enjoy the most about creating an RRL, is it makes me feel less stupid. It gives […]

  • Geeky Office tour!!!

    It’s another Saturday folks! As promised, I did a quick blog of my home office set-up. I’m pretty excited about it because it’s the first content I made that is not a lecture. I get to share some of favorite things in the house and… The Condicats also got to have an appearance. Just to […]

  • Innovation in the perspective of a Filipina scientist

    It’s day 4 of a week of no classes in Metro Manila. Online classes have been challenging but this has been a nice opportunity to innovate on how we communicate with our students.Today is particularly disappointing because for a year and a half now, our Senior High School students have been preparing to present their […]

  • Humanity in practical research

    Personal note: I’m a day late! I’m super frustrated with myself, mostly because I swore to be more disciplined when it comes to posting to this blog. The commitment came with an insurance of actually starting to tell people about it so that there’s an additional layer of accountability. It’s month 3 of 2020 and […]

  • A (Satur)day in the life of a scientist

    It’s the weekend! And as weekends go, I finally found one that is relatively restful. Mind you, there are certain “assignments” I’ve chose to ignore — but if you’re familiar with the concept of saturation points, that was where I was earlier. After recharging my brain and waiting for the sun to give my office […]

  • #FPQ: In the 21st century, what does it mean to be “well educated”?

    Globally, we are encountering demands for free tertiary education, rallies are ongoing for higher educator salaries and better benefits, and calls for reconsideration of student loans are becoming louder. Education is becoming more and more expensive in a world where economies are making it harder and harder to put food on the table. Concerns on […]

  • Drawing science

    I’m a committed scientist AND a frustrated artist. As a child, I would spend hours trying to draw my favorite anime characters. One summer, the walls of the attic of my childhood home was fully covered in illustrations of Sailor Moon, Yuyu Hakusho and BTX. Though I cannot salvage any of those drawings now, I […]

  • Tawa-tawa herb to help battle against dengue; DLS-SHS students join the fight

    In the midst of a national dengue epidemic with more than 146,000 cases and 622 deaths (DOH, August 2019), hope blooms with the announcement from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) that a new herbal supplement extracted from the plant Euphorbia hita locally called “tawa-tawa” has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration […]