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  • How did the Philippines end up as the center of the center of marine biodiversity?

    How did the Philippines end up as the center of the center of marine biodiversity?

    Hello Science Fans! Anyone needing a little dose of vitamin sea? Living in a country with more than 36,000 km of coastline means that we have a lot marine resources. And due to evolutionary forces beyond our powers (and understanding?), it has been discovered that we are caretakers to the world’s center of the center […]

  • How do we make sense of DNA sequences?

    How do we make sense of DNA sequences?

    Hello Science Fans! In our Molecular biology and Genetics series, we look at the different ways that DNA data can be useful. So many schools and universities are now teaching basic nucleotide extraction to students but some, sadly, end there — as if having the molecule alone is end in itself. The heart of genetic […]

  • Coffee quality and the central dogma

    Coffee quality and the central dogma

    Hello Science Fans! Sharing with you a special video I made for La Salle’s Food and Science Institute’s  special coffee series entitled Science in the Context of Coffee ^_^ Learn more about the Philippine coffee industry thru their page at https://www.facebook.com/LSFWI/. This event was co-presented by the Barista & Coffee Academy of Asia, Elkapitan Enterprise […]

  • Going organic: Is it worth it?

    Going organic: Is it worth it?

    Hello Science Fans! Organic food and farming is the newest fashion fad. Health-conscious and environmentally-conscious bourgeoisie are waving around their organic diets on social media. But is it something worthy of investing into? Conventional farming has done lots of damage to the environment and has continued the use of substances that can harm our health. […]

  • Why SHE-ensya?

    Why SHE-ensya?

    Hello Science Fans! This week I’ve been feeling the burn of the world re-starting again. This week we had our division council defense for the Year 2 renewal of our DOST project, two meetings for different webinars, and a webinar with Networked Learning PH. I had very little time left to make content and shoot […]

  • Why choose STEM?

    Meet Tiffany Blanquera, BS Biology student, who wants to go into clinical practice. “I was able to provide palliative care to a loved one in my late teens. To this day, I think any pursuit in the sciences is daunting but a little less so when you’ve understood it in a way that is applicable […]

  • Trees emit pollution?!?

    Trees emit pollution?!?

    Hello Science Fans! And as a quick answer, sort of. Trees are known for their ability to absorb carbon dioxide – the most popular greenhouse gas – and release oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Less popular is the fact that trees release carbon dioxide, too, when they undergo cellular respiration. And fairly recently, with […]

  • Get rid of the BS and make an awesome poster

    Get rid of the BS and make an awesome poster

    Hello Science Fans! Today we make the last of our scientific writing and presentation series, and we cap it off with the creation of research posters. Some think that research posters are less exciting than their mainstream counterparts: But if you consider the amount of information that you can glean from a research poster, it […]

  • Make a killer presentation

    Hello science fans! Today we talk about how to make an awesome presentation, whether it’s for your: Proposal presentation Thesis defense Or conference presentation Key tips to make sure that you are at your best involves: Information preparation – to ensure that you know what you are talking about Presentation planning – to plan out […]

  • How to meet with your boss, like a boss!

    As scientists, students and/or employees, we would find ourselves in positions when we are of desperate need of guidance. For the lucky ones, we can call up a friend or an adviser easily with a chat, a text or even a cubicle visit. For others, the thought of consulting your adviser or boss could be […]