What are Echo Chambers? Why Do False Information Keep Spreading? | SHE-ensya’s Corner Episode 26

Hello Science Fans!

Who succeeded in convincing you to live a healthy lifestyle?
How were you convinced to take up your high school track or college degree?
What convinced you to vote for or support a political candidate?

In this video, we talk about echo chambers — what they are and how they can become dangerous. We also look at the reasons as to why we can be convinced to change our minds by some people, but not by others. And from there, we jump off to discussing the reasons why false information continue to spread — and be believed — even after they’re shown to be wrong. We talk about a lot of frustrating human tendencies and biases, but all of these are very important if we want to be effective (science) communicators!

Watch this video and learn how to be convincing!

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